Kileci Tekstil has been operating in Gaziantep since 1996 in the areas of textile, being its main activity and food, packaging, plastic raw material and recycling.

It carries out the production in accordance with know-how practises established for the stage of raw material supply to the final product  in the home textile area, hotel hospital restaurant products, Cotton and synthetic mixed yarns and fabrics knitted or woven by these yarns by supplying them from reliable suppliers and exports them. Similarly, the company gets other textile products and outerwear products produced and sells them to the domestic and foreign market.

Simfleks Tekstil, that Kileci Tekstil is a partner produces silver and silvery yarns and sells the products from the warehouse in Gaziantep and provides services to our region, being the center of textile sector of Turkey.

Our company is engaged in the organic food sector and has TR and EOS certificates. “RAYA” one of the leading organic food brand of Turkey is one of the investments of our company.

Kileci Tekstil provides services to the packaging sector as Southern Anatolian local dealer of Super Film Ambalaj A.S for packaging tape and also exports packaging films (BOPP-BOPET-CPP) and adhesive tapes produced by Super Film to a number of countries.

Other activity of our company is the recycling sector. Our company has the certificate of collecting-segregation of non-hazardous wastes. Within this scope, it collects, segregates, buys and sells non-hazardous wastes.